Art Annex Open Studio with Hannah
April 7

All ages, $25-35 sliding scale

Join Hannah for Open Studio on Sunday from 3-5. You can drop in at any point during the 2 hours or stay for the whole time. This is an all-ages Open Studio for the whole family with children accompanied by their caregivers. For older children we will have craft projects including mobiles, mixed-media canvases and stick puppets, with access to our shelves of beautiful loose parts to stimulate the imagination! For the littles we will have artful play in our sensory table, playdoughs, painting, building on the light table, and more! All ages are welcome to explore and enjoy this creative downtime with their loved ones.
Drop in. $25-$35 sliding scale per family, cash at the door.


Baby Massage and Yoga with Melina, March 24th 11:00am-12:30pm

A workshop for parents, caregivers, and their babies, 6 weeks to pre-crawling at Hootenanny Art House, 428 15th Street

Touch is baby’s first language. Join other parents and caregivers in learning practical skills and techniques to nurture your baby’s body and mind from the earliest days. Discover the benefits of massage and mindful movement for baby and how to use it to create routine, encourage self-regulation, soothe your baby, and support their development. Practice specific techniques to address common experiences including colic, digestive issues, teething, and more. Come play, learn and bond with your baby in a supportive community.

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Past Workshops…

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Understanding Toddler Emotions with Melina
December 11th 7:00-8:30

A workshop for parents at Hootenanny Art House, $45

As parents of toddlers well know, a toddler’s emotional life is vivid. It is the source of great joy! And it is also often the source of the challenging behaviors we associate with this stage of life. Learn about what drives a toddler’s feelings from a developmental perspective. What is behind the tantrums? The indecision? The testing? And how do we support toddlers as they learn to understand and express their emotions? Let’s embrace the intensity of these years and find our own voices as guides for our children.
Topics will include:
-understanding the toddler mind
-tantrums: why they happen and what to do
-testing: holding limits and boundaries with respect
-sharing (and not sharing)
-how to acknowledge feelings

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Arashi Shibori & Tie Dye workshop with Kim November 9th 6:30-8:30pm

Grown-ups! $75

Please join us for our first ever Adult Arashi Shibori and Tie Dye workshop at the Hootenanny Art Annex! 
Arashi Shibori is a Japanese dying technique that is known as pole wrapping. Fabric and garments will result in diagonal stripes that give the effect of a "rain storm" with this technique. Additionally we will be combing this technique with Tie Dye and also manipulating fabric by binding using string, rubber bands, pleating, twisting and crumpling fabric or clothes. We will be using Natural indigo dye so please note we will get a little messy! We will have a beautiful silk and wool scarf for you to dye, but please bring anything else you might want to dye! Materials need to be of natural fibers! Cottons, Silks, Wools and Linens will work best! Materials can be anything from t-shirts, table cloths, linen's, dish towels, socks and more! Breathe new life into your old goods!